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We continue to be a company contributing to the industrial world through manufacturing.

Japanese manufacturing industry facing difficulties

The Japanese manufacturing industry has been exposed to difficult circumstances, including the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the March 11th disaster and diplomatic issues with China. The manufacturing world is facing multiple difficulties. In particular, as a result of about 20 years of deflation in Japan, domestic demand has stagnated for a long time and the export competitiveness of domestic manufactures has declined significantly. These are the structural problems now.

Aiming for a company which helps Japanese companies to strength their manufacturing capabilities

Technosmile is committed to tackling these two problems, thereby helping Japanese manufacturers to strengthen their manufacturing capabilities.

  • We send human resources, who can quickly respond to variable production volumes and are highly cost-competitive, to Japanese manufacturers who want to enhance their global competitiveness.
    • Contract work by a professional manufacturing group
    • Highly cost-competitive contract work while seeking collaboration with Asian countries in manufacturing
  • Human resources cultivation services to support business expansion into China and ASEAN
    • Training and dispatch of skilled human resources (engineers and managers) to China and ASEAN (*1)
    • Cultivation and use of local human resources over the medium term (*2)
    • Human resources for *1 and *2 have Japanese-language communication skills.

As explained above, Technosmile is committed to helping Japanese companies not only to improve their production efficiency but also to revitalize their manufacturing in Asia, in particular, in ASEAN countries.

Chairman and President Yuzuru Umamizuka

Company profile

Company name Technosmile, Inc.
Established September 1, 2000
Capital 220.325 million yen
Sales 8 billion yen (as of 2016)
No. of employees 1,563 employees (as of March, 2017)
Business lineup Manufacturing / General staffing services
General Worker Dispatch 40-300912
Paid job-placement service 40-ユ-120008
Executives Representative Director Yuzuru Mamizuka
Senior Managing Executive Officer, Director Kiyoshi Tanto
Director and Managing Executive Officer Ryoma Yoshinaga
Director and executive officer Shinobu Ichida
Director and Advisor Fumiaki Yamashita
Auditor Noriaki Yamashita
Aichi Head Office
[471-0834] 7-95-1 Kotobuki-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi Prefecture
TEL:0565-26-1717 / FAX:0565-26-1723
Miyawaka Head Office
[822-0142] 236 Takehara, Miyawaka-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture
TEL:0949-52-0191 / FAX:0949-52-0213
Branch offices
Tokyo Branch Office
[108-0074] 609, Avenue Takanawa, 3-25-27, Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 地図を見る
TEL:03-5475-3668 / FAX:03-3447-0809
Tochigi Branch Office
[323-0014] 1475-34 Kizawa, Oyama-shi, Tochigi Prefecture 地図を見る
TEL:0285-38-6191 / FAX:0285-38-6192
Toyota Branch Office
[471-0834] 7-95-1 Kotobuki-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi Prefecture 地図を見る
TEL:0565-26-1717 / FAX:0565-26-1723
Osaka Branch Office
[531-0072] 502 I&F Umeda, 3-10-2, Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi 地図を見る
TEL:06-6292-4920 / FAX:06-6292-4921
Miyawaka Branch Office
[822-0142] 236 Takehara, Miyawaka-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture 地図を見る
TEL:0949-52-0191 / FAX:0949-52-0213
Kitakyushu Branch Office
3F Sugawara Bldg. No. 1, 3-1-3, Kurosaki, Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu-shi 地図を見る
TEL:093-622-5222 / FAX:093-622-5228
Kanda Branch Office
[800-0304] 2F, 1-2, Torigoecho, Kanda-machi, Miyako-gun, Fukuoka 地図を見る
TEL:093-383-7766 / FAX:093-383-7793
Fukuoka Office
[812-0043] 1F Shimai Bldg., 4-1-12, Katakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi 地図を見る
TEL:092-433-5822 / FAX:092-433-5823
Training site
Kitakyushu Training Center
675 Kamifukano, Chikujo-machi, Chikujo-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture 地図を見る
TEL:0930-53-4545 / FAX:0930-53-4555
JPA Co., Ltd.
[471-0834] 7-95-1 Kotobuki-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi 地図を見る
TEL:0565-74-1533 / FAX:0565-26-1723
Thaniya plaza 18F Silom Rd, Suriyawong Bangrak Bangkok 地図を見る
No.(238/3)36th Street(Upper Block), Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar. 地図を見る
[300041] 3602室, 金皇大廈, 20号, 南京路, 河西区 Tianjin City, China 地図を見る
TEL:001-010-86-22-2302-9370 / FAX:001-010-86-22-2302-9373
partner company
238/A 3th Floor(Right), 36th Street, Kyauktada Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar.

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