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Engineer staffing services


Speed and globalization are indispensable for design and development sites these days. We send human resources to help to improve your operation efficiency and increase the manpower to deal with increased production volumes.

Engineer introduction

We introduce not only engineers but also work-ready human resources who are required in the workplace!

Type Field Expertise
Machine/Analysis engineer Automobiles (engine, chassis, body, electrical parts, etc.)
Other manufacturing (semiconductors, construction machines, machine tools, measuring instruments, etc.)
Mechanism design, housing design (plastic, sheet-metal) , mold design, structural design, optical design, production facility design, plant design, etc.
Electrical/Electronic engineer Communication and precision devices (car navigation systems, mobile phones, medical equipment, etc.)
Digital electrical home appliances (digital cameras, HDD recorders, liquid crystal TVs, etc.)
System LSI, digital circuit design, analogue circuit design, substrate design, semiconductor design, high/low frequency
Production technology engineer Sending human resources with expertise and management skills (Achieving better production technology, line development and creating workplaces) Production control, facility maintenance, quality assurance, process control, production line planning
Control systems engineer Microcomputers, sequencers, device drivers, communication systems, image processing Firmware design, API, applications (C, C++, VC, VC++, etc.), MPEG, GUI
Open systems/Network systems engineer DB development, key systems, logistics systems, financial systems, server operation control systems, medical systems, LAN/WAN development, network monitoring, security consultation Application (C, C++, VC, VC++, ASP, Java, PHP, SQL, HTM, etc.),communication protocols (TCP/IP, router)

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We propose plans designed to achieve operational efficiency!


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    We send engineers to meet customer operations and needs.

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    Technosmile takes care of routine operations. / Customer's employees can focus on core operations.

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    Customer outsources team-based operations. Technosmile contributes to further operation reductions and efficiency increases.

Our main customers

  • Aisin Infotex Co., Ltd.
  • Aisin ComCruise Co., Ltd.
  • Oita Canon Inc.
  • Oita Canon Materials Inc.
  • Seibu Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Denso Corporation
  • Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.
  • Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc.
  • Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd.
  • Toyota Communication Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Toyota Production Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Hayashi Telempu Co., Ltd.
  • Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
  • Yazaki Corporation

Others (in random order)

Dispatch of skilled human resources in Asia


In Japan, as the population is aging and fewer babies are born and manufacturers are shifting their production and development to overseas, needs are rising for the recruitment of talented human resources for overseas plants and offices, and engineers to bridge between Japan and overseas sites.
As a means to solve this problem, Technosmile introduces competent Asian engineers according to customers' needs.

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