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Technosmile has broken ground to perform quality control including pre-shipping inspection and troubleshooting for the automobile industry and manufacturers in various fields. Based on our accumulated know-how, we provide competent human resources and technologies to help our customers to improve production process efficiency and quality.

Support for customer quality control upon request

We provide support for customers to achieve the optimal environment. Our support includes conventional operations in production sites such as preventing all types of trouble and modifications before and after delivery, the establishment of production lines that adjust to variable management situations, and comprehensive consultation on cost control and other issues.

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Quality control support system

Quality control plays an important role in producing high-quality products in all processes from development, receiving raw materials, production, inspection, modifications before and after delivery. Technosmile provides its Quality Control Support System, a unique service, for all types of processes in all manufacturing fields. This system has been highly evaluated by our Japanese and overseas customers. We hope very much that you will consider using us, and I look forward to providing you with our services.

Service Type Contents Details
1 Inspection and screening
  • Process inspection
  • Screening
  • Modification
We can provide contract operations including inspection, screening, modification, etc. for any production process when trouble arises, and proposals to maintain product quality.
2 Consultation on quality
  • Product receiving and checks before and after delivery
  • Process checks
Our dedicated operators carry out receipt and inspection of products before delivery strictly and promptly in each production process on our customer production lines.
3 Precision measurement
  • Mechanical measurement
  • Optical measurement
  • Image measurement
Using the measurement techniques we have gained through our quality control business, we perform measurements in components in the automobile field and various other fields.
4 Analysis and evaluation
  • X-ray analysis and SEM
  • Characteristic evaluation
    (thermal impact test, tensile strength test, etc.)
We use our equipment to provide analysis and evaluation for customers who do not have special analysis and evaluation devices, and then submit a report to them on improvements.

We can provide services according to customer needs. For more details, please contact us.