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Manufacturer staffing services


We provide support for your needs, including turning labor costs into variable costs, ensuring appropriate wage rates, increasing operational efficiency, quality improvements and speeding up processes.

Outsourcing-based cost reduction model


Keys to reducing costs

  • Turning labor costs into variable costs

    Outsourcing increased production while keeping the minimum number of regular employees required for the lowest production volume.

  • Increase in indirect costs

    The employment of fixed-term and part-time employees will increase indirect costs.

Schedule until contract

1 Inquiry Listening (understanding needs and purposes)
Organizing and analyzing problems
2 Work analysis Qualitative and quantitative analysis
Examining specifics
3 General plan proposal Personnel deployment planning and contract price quotation
Proposing an overall plan including personnel deployment plan and contract price
4 Contract conclusion Your deliberation and our arrangement (personnel selection, preparation of an operating procedure)
Making arrangements immediately after the contract is concluded
5 Personnel selection Training and operation
Starting operation when personnel is selected and trained
6 Result report Operation analysis and improvement proposal
Analyzing operation results and proposing improvements quickly