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Human resources development services


Development and cultivation of human resources with our unique hands-on (lineside) training programs.
Reliable training system with support from trainers on a customer basis.

Position-based training system

Training programs depending on the workplace position.
Cultivating highly skilled workers (program examples below)

Position Content 開催期間
Beginner training program Leaning basic knowledge on manufacturing control.
(increased physical strength, improved ethics, safety, quality, diseases, production system, etc.)
Step-up program Leaning basic knowledge on production control.
(Basics of kaizen, job teaching method, quality awareness, basics of problem-solving, etc.)
3ヶ月 月2日間
( 計6日間 )
Mid-career training program Leaning problem identification through solutions in the workplace.
(Basics of kaizen, job teaching method, quality awareness, application of problem-solving, presenting it within the company, etc.)
約6ヶ月 月2回
( 計12日間 )
Manager training program Basic knowledge of managing and educating subordinates.
(Kaizen, process analysis, dealing with people, job teaching method, practice of problem-solving, presenting it within the company, etc.)
12ヶ月間 月2回
( 計24日間 )

* The training programs shown above are held in our training center. (Please contact us regarding training at other sites.)
* Our trainers provide 1.5 days of leader training, 3.5 days of expert training, on-site checks and support during training programs.
* Our trainers explain detailed schedule, contents, etc.

Professional training from our wide range of trainers

Training is given by trainers who have experience of Toyota production systems.

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    Fumiaki Yamashita
    Manufacturing starts with educating people. It is time to pay more attention to human resources development.

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    Chikara Abe
    I share all the knowhow behind Toyota human resources development.

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    Masashi Sawabe
    I support your human resources revolution as a TPS trainer.

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    Ichiro Iida
    Better communication starts with cheerful greetings. Leave discipline training to me.

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    Tatsuya Imahashi
    I help to educate people to maintain their good spirit, skills and physical condition.

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    Masafumi Sakumoto
    I want to do education to notice the sense of purpose while also drawer personality as a team of manufacturing.

Training scenes

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Companies for which we have provided our training programs

  • Toyota Production Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Kyushu Railway Company
  • J-TACS Corporation   Others

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