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Certified as an excellent manufacturing contractor

Certified as an excellent manufacturing contractor

Acquired the certification system for excellent and appropriate manufacturing contractors.
As a company that has acquired this system, we are able to build high-quality and appropriate contracting sites that meet the needs of our customers.

What is “Authorization of Excellent Appropriate Manufacturing Contractors”?

The "Manufacturing Contracting Business Improvement Promotion Council" entrusted a contracting business that has been recognized for its management system and implementation ability to promote an appropriate contracting system and improve employment management as a project commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2015. We receive the delivery of consignment expenses and carry it out.

*Official name: 2015 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare commissioned project
Promotion of Proper Contracting and Improvement of Employment Management Manufacturing Contracting Excellent Appropriate Business Operator Certification System

About the certification mark


As a contracting company that can provide high-quality contracting services to user companies and at the same time provide high-quality employment opportunities for workers, the certification mark represents Good Job. Designed with "G" and "J".

Examination contents

Screening consists of document screening (primary screening), on-site screening (secondary screening) and final screening, and the following four elements are strictly screened.

Management policy (17 items)

Clarify and disseminate management policies, clearly communicate compliance policies inside and outside the company, etc.

Manufacturing capabilities (22 items)

Systems for implementing appropriate manufacturing contracts, initiatives for productivity improvement and improvement activities, etc.

Human resource development (16 items)

Clarification of career paths, mechanisms for ability evaluation and human resource development, etc.

Worker protection (56 items)

Thorough participation in social insurance, implementation of health and safety activities, etc.

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