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Business introduction

Business contents of Techno Smile

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Factory business

In response to the diversifying needs of the manufacturing industry and facing various issues such as labor shortages, the factory business contributes to improving the productivity of manufacturing through the two pillars of the manufacturing contract business and the manufacturing dispatch business.


technology business

We contribute to technological development of manufacturing with a group of domestic and foreign engineers full of high ability and motivation.

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Overseas human resources support business

Ahead of the times, the "Overseas Human Resource Support Business" provides a one-stop service that consistently supports everything from recruiting excellent Asian human resources to Japanese language education and life support.

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Project Voice

In order to convey the attractiveness of each business of Techno Smile, we will introduce the voices of the people in charge of each business.


If you are interested in our business or have any inquiries,

If you have any questions, please contact us using the inquiry form below.

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