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Global human resources business

The era of active overseas human resources! How to utilize skilled overseas human resources

Providing excellent overseas human resources “POH (Premium Overseas Human)” who can speak Japanese

The number of companies that employ overseas human resources, such as technical intern trainees and specific skill qualifications, is increasing year by year. Based on the specific skill system, the POH service proposes overseas human resources who have a high level of Japanese proficiency and are willing to work in Japan for the long term, and solve problems such as labor shortages at companies.

Overseas human resources support business "specific skilled human resources"

​ [Information on POH for excellent overseas human resources]

​[Three characteristics of POH]

① Guarantee of Japanese language ability

My Japanese language ability is N4 to N2.
Enter Japan with at least N4 through the full-fledged online Japanese language education system J-HOL (Japanese Hybrid Online Learning).

② Direct recruitment by local recruitment bases.

We employ POH human resources through directly managed bases in India, Thailand, and Myanmar, and through partnerships with human resources companies in nine Asian countries.

③Packaging engineers, specific skill qualifications, and trainees

While supporting the career advancement of overseas human resources in Japan, we also support the acquisition of national qualifications such as training and specific skill qualifications, and adapt to companies so that they can step up as highly skilled human resources and play an active role in all occupations from manufacturing to service industries. doing.

④ Professionals: Driver's positive test, nursing beginner research, etc., support for obtaining specific skills qualifications

Under the supervision of Professor Satoshi Miyazaki of the Waseda University Graduate School of Japanese Language Education, we focus on improving communication skills (listening and speaking skills) through OJT, based on our many years of experience and cooperation with Japanese language schools in various parts of Asia. I developed my own "MJ method".

With this Japanese language education method as "J-HOL", we have enriched the contents that can surely learn Japanese language education in a short period of time, including the e-learning material "Kanna goes!"


Professor Satoshi Miyazaki


e-learning material "Kanna goes!"


POH considers the Technical Intern Training No. 1 qualification as one step toward specific skills and advanced human resources, and supports the step-up to specific skills qualifications and national examination qualifications (care workers and automobile mechanics) while supporting Japanese language N2 passing. We will also help you pass the exam.


If you are interested in our business or have any inquiries,

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