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Factory business

Improved productivity and efficiency in the manufacturing process


Two Pillars of the Factory Business

Provided by HWS (Hybrid Workers Service)

・Working style = TPS&Well-being

・Skillful combination of workers = POH (excellent overseas human resources)


Responding to changing needs,
Backing up labor shortage sites

​ Regarding the outsourcing of non-core operations, in addition to being in charge of manufacturing operations, we also provide optimal personnel allocation, labor management, and the highest priority safety and health management.

(1) Flexible response to production fluctuations

② Realization of low-cost operations

③ Strengthen core business

​④ Response to compliance

Resolving training, quality, and cost issues
​H.WS(Hybrid Workers Service)

At manufacturing contract sites, we combine diverse human resources such as overseas personnel, senior personnel, and part-time personnel to achieve control of "safety," "quality," and "productivity," and to solve problems faced by production sites.

Outsourcing pattern example


Manufacturing line contract


Factory lump-sum contract


​ contract by process


Inspection contract


by dispatched personnel with high skills
Achieving production cost reduction and operational efficiency

We dispatch the most suitable personnel based on our unique know-how and understanding of needs as we have our own factory.

​In the dispatch of management, we appoint personnel with on-site practical experience and achievements, and support inexperienced personnel.

Adobe Stock_519682742.jpeg

Techno Smile Manufacturing Dispatching Points

Technosmile, which owns its own factory, dispatches the most suitable personnel based on its know-how and understanding of needs.

When dispatching managers, we dispatch human resources with on-site practical experience and achievements. We support inexperienced personnel.

We have employee dormitories in various places, and depending on the situation, we will also be in charge of operations that reduce the burden on customers, such as picking up and dropping off staff.


If you are interested in our business or have any inquiries,

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