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Corporate information

Greetings from the representative

After going through a period of multiple hardships under the deflationary economy, the Japanese industry was just beginning to see some bright spots. You have to work.
Among them, regarding labor issues, work style reform is to secure workplaces for workers and double work including remote work and individual side jobs to further improve productivity on the company side, and human resources to adapt to the new management environment. We must urgently work on education, training of overseas human resources with an eye on the global market, and so on.
As a company, we will narrow down our strengths and actively challenge the following themes.

1. We will expand the HR Tech platform and improve the satisfaction of job seekers and recruiting companies.

Representative Director, Chairman and President Yuzuru Mamizuka

Regarding this theme, our company is working on it as an important policy to actively utilize IT.

2. We aim to provide value-creating human resource services.

・Based on the basic philosophy of "Wholeheartedly, good human resources, manufacturing and services", we will be a one-stop station for a wide range of human resources, from manufacturing engineers and factory staff to service-related restaurant and accommodation staff. We will provide it to everyone.

・Our role as a one-stop company is not a simple bridging function, but aims to provide value-creating human resources services so that working staff can deliver plus one added value to client companies.

■Technology human resources service business

Our company is engaged in the business of design, design development, IT business contracting, semiconductor equipment maintenance, etc., but in particular, regarding IT and semiconductor equipment maintenance work, we are working in countries such as India and Thailand.

graduated from an excellent university"Global human resources who can speak English and Japanese"We are developing and working actively.

■Global human resources business

In addition to utilizing POH (Premium Overseas Human) human resources in the factory and technology fields within our company,Utilizing POH human resources in more industries in Japan

I hope you can get it, local recruitment overseas, human resource registration, Japanese language education, qualification acquisition education, career advancement education after employment in Japan, etc.Established "one-stop training and service system",
Excellent human resources who can work immediatelyStandby with over 30,000 registered usersDoing.

3. In order to respond to the "Age of Asia", we will develop excellent Asian human resources who can speak Japanese and support them so that they can play an active role in Japanese companies.

・We develop highly skilled human resources such as engineers who can speak Japanese in Asian countries, and provide introduction and dispatch services to companies in Japan.

・In Asian countries, we will work on developing local human resources for technical intern trainees who can play an active role in domestic companies such as manufacturing, nursing care, accommodation, eating out, etc. We will provide.

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