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Technology business

Contribute to technological development with domestic and overseas engineers who are highly skilled and full of ambition

High skills and smooth recruitment

Nurturing engineers who can contribute to society,
create new value

We are enhancing training and career advancement plans to develop high-spec engineers, collaborating with domestic and overseas universities to secure science and engineering universities, and focusing on recruiting new graduate engineers.

Engineer human resource outsourcing

Human resources who can respond to "speeding up" and "globalization" support customer development

Utilizing our overseas network, we appoint and dispatch excellent engineers not only from Japan but also from overseas.

​We meet the diverse needs of engineers in the automotive, semiconductor, and IT industries.

R&D fields with experienced engineers - TS-DXD

​Engineers who keep pace with accelerating technological progress to meet customer needs in the field of design and engineering.

​Human resources with extensive practical experience will participate from the planning stage and support the promotion of the project.













Engineer human resource development

Expert members train engineers
​TSTC(Techno Smile Technologies College)

​High-level field-experienced specialists pour their own experience and knowledge into developing ambitious engineers. The knowledge and skills learned at this college will realize the "manufacturing" that customers want as a practical business.


Staying close to job seekers, "get profit", "learn", "find a suitable job"

It is a completely new registration site for job seekers first.

We will open our own engineer registration site and gather more engineers. We provide opportunities for engineers to learn, such as taking e-learning courses using the points granted by registering.
By matching the skills that the engineers have learned with the skills that customers want, we will create an environment where engineers can play an active role.



If you are interested in our business or have any inquiries,

If you have any questions, please contact us using the inquiry form below.

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