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CSR information

CSR Information (our efforts to contribute to society)

The Techno Smile Group values its basic philosophy and engages in CSR activities based on the Group Code of Conduct.

basic principle

Wholeheartedly, good human resources, manufacturing and services



Cooperation with the Foster Parent Scholarship Program for Asian International Students in Fukuoka

About 20,000 international students study at universities in Fukuoka Prefecture, the birthplace of the company. More than 90% of them are international students from Asia. International students are promising human resources who will lead their respective countries in the future, and serve as a bridge to connect friendly relations with Japan. Techno Smile, which works with foreign human resources, sympathizes with this system and supports this project to subsidize part of the living expenses of international students. We also provide advice that can be closely related to the job hunting activities at Japanese companies for the international students we have supported.


Creation of employment for persons with disabilities

At Technosmile, we are working to grow and sell agricultural products for both people with disabilities and healthy people based on the concept of normalization. Beginning with fungal bed cultivation of cloud ear mushrooms, field farming of wild yam and yacon potatoes is carefully grown, processed, shipped, and sold. In the future, I want to create a restaurant using those vegetables, and my dream of taking on the challenge expands.

→ Fukuoka International Exchange Center Fukuoka Asian Foreign Student Foster Parent Scholarship


Participation in local cleaning activities

J-HOL, a group company that develops Japanese language education, also has interpreters from Asia. We participate in cleaning activities in the area where the training center is located, and experience the community association culture of interacting with everyone in the area and working together for community development.

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Implemented manager training “SDGs Introductory Seminar”

The world has plunged into an unexpectedly unstable, uncertain, complex, and unclear society, and the trend toward sustainable development from economic growth is advancing as a global effort. Techno Smile invited Ms. Keiko Toyooka, Esteem Support Career Consultant, to give a lecture as part of our manager education. I learned from Mr. Toyooka about the need to create a sustainable culture with the goal of sustainable management and growth as an individual company.

[Lecturer Keiko Toyooka, Career Consultant]


Participation in local cleaning activities (August 7, 2021)

The Techno Smile Group participates in local cleaning activities as part of its social contribution activities. We were able to express our gratitude to the community that has been indebted to us on a daily basis, and we were able to further interact with the local people. We will continue to actively participate in such activities to raise awareness of regional beautification.


Participation in local athletic meet (October 23, 2022)

We created an international mixed team with employees of our group POH Co., Ltd., which supports overseas human resources, and technical intern trainees, and participated in the neighborhood association's athletic meet at the invitation of the local community. They enjoyed interacting with the local community while familiarizing themselves with autumn sports in Japan. I hope that when practical training starts in various places from now on, you will be able to blend in with each workplace.


Participation in local cleaning activities (April 8, 2023)

POH, a group company that supports overseas human resources, J-HOL, a group company that develops Japanese language education, and young people from Asia undergoing immigration training participated in cleanup activities in the area where the training center is located. "More beautiful than when we arrived" We aim to coexist in a glocal society by touching Japanese society every day.

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