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Project Voice

Factory business


Together with top automobile manufacturers, we have three pillars: manufacturing dispatch business, manufacturing contract business, and introduction of manufacturing human resources.

What is factory business?

Since Techno Smile was founded in 2000 with the flagship of the automobile manufacturing process contract business, the factory business has accumulated trust and achievements with Japan's top automobile manufacturers for over 20 years. Currently, we are sincerely responding to the increasingly diversified needs of the manufacturing industry with the two pillars of [manufacturing contract business] and [manufacturing dispatch business].



Strengths and Persistence of the Factory Business

①Manufacturing dispatch business

Generous placement of "support staff" who are strong in the field.

The most important thing in the manufacturing dispatch business is to dispatch "good human resources" who can "make good things". Prior to assignment, we have provided sufficient pre-training, including the manners necessary for a member of society, and have continued to send personnel who are ready to work. The big difference from other companies is that they generously allocate "support staff (persons with practical experience at manufacturing sites)" who act as a bridge between the receiving factory and the dispatched staff. Based on the trust and achievements we have built up over many years in the automotive industry, we would like to be involved in human resource outsourcing in various industries.

①Manufacturing dispatch business

Ensuring world standard high quality.

In the manufacturing contracting business, which has its own factories and workshops in Kyushu and all over the country, we undertake "manufacturing line contracting" that manages single or multiple lines, "process-specific contracting" that takes part of the process, and all manufacturing. We carry out "factory batch contracting" and "inspection inspection contracting" that has a reputation for flexible response. Our strengths are stable quality and a sense of responsibility for delivery. By appointing highly experienced personnel from major manufacturers, we are able to improve the processes required by our customers and continue to maintain world-class quality and safety.



We provide hybrid worker services with the aim of optimizing the manufacturing process.

For companies considering ordering

In the factory business, we can propose a variety of outsourcing solutions with the aim of maximizing the efficiency of our customers' businesses. For example, by using hybrid worker services (HWS) that effectively combine human resource outsourcing with manufacturing line contracting, cost optimization and process improvement can be done smartly. We will make flexible and advanced proposals while cooperating with Technosmile's unique technology business and overseas human resources support business.


The strength of working as a single team and the path to future career advancement.

To those who work together

Appropriate for the age of diversity, you can choose the work style that suits you from dispatch (fixed-term employment or indefinite-term employment) or contract workplace (contract employee / full-time employee). In the manufacturing temporary staffing business, "support staff" are generously placed on site. There is reassuringness to work as one team, eliminating anxiety and stress at customer sites. In addition, the training aspect is substantial, and the path for future career advancement is open. The attractiveness of the manufacturing contracting business is the cozy work environment at each factory. We aim for sustainable high quality by passing on reliable technology to the younger generation.



Expanding to a wide range of industries - Techno smile style that is strong in the field.

future message

In the future, we would like to support "Wholeheartedly, good human resources, manufacturing and services" not only in the automotive industry such as electronics and medical, but also in a wide range of industries. Please feel free to leave it to Techno Smile, which is strong in the field and friendly to people.

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