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Project Voice

Technology business


Dispatch of high-spec engineers and provision of contract work to top manufacturers of automobiles, semiconductors, and IT.

What is the Technology Business Unit?

In the technology business, we dispatch high-spec engineers who can meet a variety of needs, such as those in the world-class Japanese automobile manufacturers, the semiconductor industry, and the IT industry. In April 2020, ATEX Co., Ltd., which specializes in automobile development and design, joined as a group company. Furthermore, in June 2021, Cloud Nine Co., Ltd., which conducts IT planning, development, and operation business, will join as a group company. As a result, we are entrusted with design and development work by engineers with advanced skills in a wide range of fields.



A wide range of high-spec human resources are registered and enrolled, not only in Japan but also overseas.

Strengths of the technology business

We will establish TSTEC (Techno Smile Technologies Engineer Club) to bring together excellent university students and high-level engineers with practical experience from Japan and overseas, and provide excellent engineers from Japan and overseas.

One of our strengths is that we have many highly skilled Asian engineers who can speak Japanese. In addition, we have secured excellent new graduates in cooperation with major overseas universities such as Thailand, Myanmar, China, Vietnam, and India, making use of our experience in supporting overseas human resources.

In addition, the base of domestic engineers is expanding, and in recent years, engineers from all over the world have gathered and the registration site has been enhanced as an entrance to deepen their learning. It also plays a role as a hub port where highly-skilled human resources gather, both domestically and internationally. Another attraction is the highly specialized and experienced instructors of the educational program. We strive to train engineers who inherit Japanese craftsmanship and improve their skills.


Engineers who support the evolving technology industry and help with technological innovation.

For companies considering ordering

Our engineer human resources service has three features.
One is led by seniors from top careers in the automotive and semiconductor industries.
One is to provide global engineers from Japan and various parts of Asia to contribute to the overseas expansion of business.
First, we prepare excellent engineers from Japan and overseas according to the registration system of TSTEC (Techno Smile Technologies Engineer Club).



With our unique skill improvement support, we certify treatment at the highest level in the industry.

To those who work together

Any kind of technology is born from people - we are committed to "Wholeheartedly, good human resources, manufacturing and services." is the company's password. Our mission is to make the most of technology with the aim of creating a “everyday life that makes everyone smile,” whether they are the customers who request work, the people who work there, or the end users who use our products. To that end, Technosmile's unique "skill improvement support" is important. Step-up support is available from basic registration to deepening learning at a pace that suits you and acquiring the highest level of skills and benefits in the industry.


We will open up the future with human resources who are good at manufacturing and technology development and design capabilities.

future message

In the future, we would like to support "Wholeheartedly, good human resources, manufacturing and services" not only in the automotive industry such as electronics and medical, but also in a wide range of industries. Please feel free to leave it to Techno Smile, which is strong in the field and friendly to people.

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